Visionary Intuitive Academy™
Platinum Private Mentorship

with Anne Deidre

Ready for a 6 Figure and Beyond Intuitive Business?

Welcome to the Ultimate Private Mentorship to Transform Your Life and Business.

Are you ready to become the intuitive reader, healer and coach that you always knew you were meant to be?

Imagine working from exotic locations anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your own home by serving millions or even billions of people with your Divine service, intuitive gifts and abilities.

Imagine that you are transforming peoples lives and the world, because you will be.

No more feeling like there is “more” to life, and regrets about life passing you by, living day to day in struggle, barely making ends meet and feeling defeated about not knowing what your purpose or calling truly is.

Hi, I’m Anne Deidre and I am a Transformational Intuitive Leader, Best Selling Author, International Speaker and your personal guide in creating your own thriving intuitive business.

I specialize in catalyzing my clients dormant intuitive gifts and abilities, starting businesses with them, and becoming best selling authors, global speakers and leaders, and intuitive entrepreneurs with the ability to create multiple streams of income from their intuitive gifts.

But before I stepped into my truth, I was struggling, not able to find my purpose in life, and was clinically depressed from not knowing what that purpose was.

Being a mom to two incredible children was very fulfilling, but it was also a big struggle as a single mom. Making ends meet and I felt like there was not enough time in the day to juggle everything on my plate. Certainly that purpose would always elude me. The purpose of being a great mom was there thankfully but showing my kids what was possible was not, and I felt that I would always struggle.

I hit a wall, an emotional crash so difficult that I prayed to God, please help me. I found a meditation technique, learned to develop my intuitive abilities and life got better and better.

Today, best selling books and sold out audiences with people thanking me for sharing my story is a regular experience for me.

Because of this incredible personal transformation I have undergone, I created The Visionary Intuitive Academy™ to help you become the Transformational Intuitive Expert I know you are here to be.

“Wow, where do I start? Anne has been instrumental in helping me develop my message, & step into my truth through using her intuitive gifts. She was able to extract my essence in a way that only Anne can do. I am more confident, clear, & in tune with my life. It is no accident I found her. She is changing the world one life at a time. I am so happy I was able to be one of them :). Thanks for all you do for me & the world!”

Melissa L, Global Telesummit Host, Arizona

Awaken Your Intuitive Power

You are here to not just survive but thrive.

I went from an $8.00 an hour part job in retail when my kids were little staying home with them days, working nights, even though I had a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. When they were school age, I struggled as a single mom making $10 an hour, that is if I could keep that job.

I got the cosmic boot out of jobs until I heard my intuition loudly and clearly to work on my business. I listened and followed that Divine Guidance. It didn’t happen overnight, but within a few years, I broke into the 6 figure coaching realm. I learned how to harness and channel my intuition and create and build a successful intuitive business.

Many of my clients express that they would love to be doing what I am doing. It is an honor to share with you all my insider secrets, having you save time and money to create the life and business of your dreams.

It’s time to Listen and Follow that Calling in Your Heart.

The Visionary Intuitive Academy™ is a Platinum 4 Month Private Mentorship with me where you’ll receive all the training and guidance necessary to create your own thriving intuitive business.

You’ll leave the Academy as a:

Certified Intuitive Life Coach
Intuitive Healing Energy Facilitator
Certified Intuitive Reader
Certified Angel Reader

“Anne is a truly gifted intuitive and heart­-centered coach. Her ability to “energetically see” and “intuitively know” what her clients need most to help them manifest their authentic passion and purpose is unparalleled and unique. She is an angel on earth helping make dreams come true.”

Dana S, California

You will experience deep clearing and activating of all of your main energy centers known as the chakras.

Learn how to build an intuitive business from the ground up, including energy work to transform your mindset and ability to take off as an entrepreneur.

During your mentorship you’ll get crystal clear on and develop:

Your unique message
Your unique intuitive and healing abilities
How to build the business
Access to my incredible web and design team
Channel your bio
Intuitively create your brand including everything from the colors to the overall look and feel

You will have the opportunity to leave this mentorship with your own developed intuitive ability AND all the business systems and structures to start booking your own clients.

During the Program:

You will Receive a VIP Intuitive Intensive of a one day or two half days Live with me at a beautiful location here in NH or over the phone
The VIP Day will include my Exclusive Activate Your Chakra Power Blueprint™

“I am so grateful that my angels connected me to Anne Deidre. I have had a story in me that has needed to come out. Anne believed in me enough in to work together so my story could be heard. I am one of the authors in her Inner Circle Chronicles series book 4. Anne is not only helping me get my story in the world, but is also helping me find my true purpose. Anne is a gem and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be forever grateful for the experience and the life lasting results.” 

Becky H

Are you struggling, stuck, depressed or just not where you want to be in life?

All of the answers you seek are within, in fact they lie in your chakra blueprint.

What’s in your chakras? The Chakra Power Blueprint™ will help you find out exactly what energy you are carrying.

Once you know what energy you are carrying you can change your life easily for the better and live your best life possible. How does this work? There are seven main spiritual centers in the body known as chakras, each chakra contains specific information about your entire life and prior life times even that have been holding you back. As a psychic chakra detective and intuitive healer of over 20 years, I am able through this program to help dissolve the blocks in your chakras, clear your energy and shift your life into more. You can have more money, more love, more abundance, more energy, more everything, it’s all in your divine chakra blueprint.

In this Blueprint Intensive you will discover:

What are your specific gifts and talents and abilities?
What is your purpose, your Divine Calling in life?
What specific intuitive abilities do you have?
What are you here to express creatively?
How can you feel more at home in your body, on earth, more grounded?
What do you love to do that could be a new business or income streams?
What is your message to the world?

All of the answers to these questions and more can be found in your chakra blueprint. I look forward to helping you tap in, tune in and discover your greatness!

Who is this for? Future:

Intuitive Readers
Intuitive Coaches
Business Owners
Thought Leaders
Independent Thinkers

“The insights that Anne channeled were nothing short of astounding, and the entire experience uplifting and heart opening. As strange as it sounds to me as I write it, I have found a new lightness in my being. Forgiveness – the place to begin to resolve so many of our self-induced limitations. I would recommend Anne to anyone wanting to clear their chakras and find new openness, understanding and peace.”

Evelyn, Nashua, New Hampshire

If you have dreamed of changing your life and help others, starting or expanding a holistic business, this is for you.

In total you will receive:

>> (8) 45 minute sessions
>> Access to my popular Membership Group Intuitive Activating and Healing Calls (for 4 months)
>> Priority Access to my Best Selling Group Book as an author and Intuitive Living Global
>> Summit as a featured expert speaker and celebrated Intuitive
>> A VIP Intuitive Intensive of a one day or two half days Live with me at a beautiful location here in NH or over the phone
>> My Exclusive Activate Your Chakra Power Blueprint™

You will receive all trainings, certifications, Divine Guidance and
Support in building Your Intuitive Business with Your Unique Intuitive Gifts

PLUS Included Bonus: Intuitive Healing Training!

>> In addition to becoming a certified intuitive reader and coach,
>> I will personally train you in intuitive healing and catalyzing this ability with you.

Visionary Intuitive Academy™ Personal Mentoring Platinum 4 month Coaching Program.

Intuitive Life Coach and Angel Reader Certification: $4997

This program will be $10,000,
I am offering an Introductory Price of $4997 or 4 payments of $1275
Request Your Crystal Clarity Call with Anne

You’ve been dreaming about being able to use your intuitive abilities to make a big difference in the world for years AND being able to great make money doing it.

Why? Because you desire a beautiful lifestyle and to be of great service.

That’s why I created the Visionary Intuitive Academy™.

Life is happening now, request your Crystal Clarity Call today!

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