Intuitive Eating ~ A 7 Week Journey Through Your Chakras

Starts September 27, 2016 5 pm est
Approx 90 MInutes
Every Tuesday for 7 weeks

As a Master Facilitator of Diving Energy and Certified Medical Intuitive I will Guide, Teach and Facilitate the Highest Vibrational Energy, In this Teleclass we will cover:

  • Feeling ungrounded, eating as false grounding in the root chakra
  • Cravings in second chakra
  • Over care giving in third chakra
  • Stress, love, grief in the heart chakra
  • Stifling your feelings and emotions in the throat chakra
  • Lack of clarity in what works for you energetically with food in the third eye chakra
  • Connecting more fully to Spirit and Your Higher Self to Guide you in the crown chakra
  • I will personally work with everyone on the call, offering unique and specific messages to you so that you can have more clarity, more inner harmony and alignment in your mind, body and spirt.
I will also share with you my Special Diet Secret, and tools I use to maintain the lightest energy in my body that I will only reveal in this class.

I have had many TV appearances on ABC, NBC and CBS TV, currently I have been written into 3 Network Television Shows that are being discussed in New York City. I was guided to lighten up my mind, body and spirit and I look forward to being of Divine Service to you in this one of a kind teleclass. With my schedule picking up, I took some time this summer to go into Divine Guidance about my offerings for the rest of the year. This is an important topic for total well-being that you are here to experience.

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