Do you feel like a stranger in your own life wondering “How did I get here?”

Are you living on auto-pilot – emotionally and spiritually disconnected from life?

Do your self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns keep appearing in your life?

Are you in a constant state of anxiety and fear?

Do you feel like there is “something more?”

Do you want to develop your intuition and gifts and abilities, perhaps start a business with them?

Would you like better health, more wealth and greater happiness?

The Answers Lie in Your Divine Energetic Blueprint

When you entered into this human existence you arrived energetically embedded with what I refer to as your “Divine Energetic Blueprint”. This unique and sacred blueprint contains everything your Higher Self needs to know in order to evolve to its highest potential in this lifetime. It contains the unique gifts and talents that you are here to share, access to love and joy in its purest essence and a deep, trusting connection to the Divine.

As you moved through your human existence you took on layers of false beliefs, traumas, wounds and psychic energy that may have left you feeling disconnected from the truth of who you are – but the sacred truth is you can never be disconnected from your Source. Think of these layers of false beliefs, traumas and wounds as energetic blocks or veils that prevent you from accessing and aligning with your Intuitive Power (inner wisdom). These blocks and veils manifest as symptoms in your life such as feeling like a stranger in your own life; constant anxiety and fear; loss of passion and joy and more.

The Sacred Keys Within

Within your Energetic Blueprint are the sacred keys to living a life of joy, passion and abundance. You may know these keys as the chakras, but I refer to them as your “Wealth Centers”. I began referring to them as Wealth Centers after years of intuitively and energetically connecting with and tuning into my clients Higher Self and Energetic Blueprint and discovering a wealth of sacred information within each one. I am able to ‘see’ the blocks, traumas and false beliefs that have been sabotaging you from reaching your dreams or goals.

Until you clear and heal the layers of energetic blocks on an energetic and spiritual level you cannot experience the manifestation of what you desire. You’ve found your way to this page because you are being called to connect at the deepest level so that you can serve the world with your unique essence, gifts and sacred wisdom in a way that only you can.

In my work as an Intuitive Life Coach what I’ve discovered is that a majority of clients were coming to me expressing nearly the same descriptions of symptoms they were experiencing. I came to understand that the symptoms that manifest in our outer life are how our Higher Self lets us know we are out of alignment with our Energetic Blueprint – our truth. Time and time again, as my clients healed on an energetic and spiritual level they shared that many of the symptoms they struggled with (many for years) had been replaced with higher vibrational energies and they experienced major shifts in their lives. It’s time to tune into the wisdom and message your symptoms are trying to tell you.

Symptoms You are Out of Alignment with Your Divine Truth

  • A deep sense of disconnect from your true essence or higher self
  • Feeling like a stranger in your own life continually wondering “How did I get here?”
  • Powerful longing to experience life at a deeper level
  • Living on auto-pilot – emotionally and spiritually disconnected from life
  • You have forgotten what it feels like to ‘feel’
  • Loss of passion and joy for life – constant anxiety and fear and at times deep sadness
  • Disconnected from your creativity and are yearning to birth something – anything
  • Deep calling that NOW is the time for change – but feeling ‘safe’ in the inauthentic life you are living
  • Feeling smothered by the layers of false beliefs, wounds and traumas you’ve energetically taken on
  • Struggling in a job or career that is sucking the joy and life energy from your life
  • You wear so many ‘masks’ that you’ve forgotten who you are
  • Repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns yet know there is another way
  • A deep, burning desire to live and experience life from a place of radiant love, joy and authenticity

If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms and are living by default instead of by Divine design, I invite you to learn more about how my 8 month Intuitive Life Makeover Platinum Program. As an Intuitive Life Coach I can support you in clearing and releasing your layers of false beliefs, traumas and wounds and realign you with the truth of who you are, develop your intuition, access your innate gifts and abilities and live the life you came her to live.

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8 Month Intuitive Life Makeover Platinum Program

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Your Intuitive Life Makeover: Divine Realignment program includes:

The transformational 8 month Intuitive Life Makeover: Divine Realignment coaching program is customized to where YOU are on your spiritual healing journey and the specific energetic blockages YOU are experiencing and includes:

  • A 50 minute Energetic Assessment: In our initial session I will work with you and go into each of your Wealth Centers, or Chakras to give you messages and facilitate healing. By energetically tuning into each of your Wealth Centers I am able to ‘see’ the blocks, traumas and false beliefs that have been sabotaging you from reaching your dreams or goals. During that process I receive messages, images and/or phrases related to each of your Wealth Centers which empowers me to facilitate the realignment of your energetic center. This enlightening and powerful energetic assessment provides the important messages your soul wishes to share with you and forms the foundation for me to facilitate and accelerate the realignment of your energetic centers and to support you as you integrate these powerful new energies into your life. These calls will be held weekly for the first three weeks following your Energetic Assessment.
  • Sixteen (16) 45 minute Intuitive Coaching Sessions to be scheduled twice a month for eight months and focused on empowering you in integrating and taking aligned action on the visions and goals you have realigned within you during our sessions.
  • Soul-Enriching Homework: Depending on the messages received during a session you may receive ‘sacred homework’ such as meditation, guided visualization, journal writing or other tool to assist in strengthening the clearing and healing work experienced in your session. Each call will be recorded so you can listen again and again to the divine wisdom and messages shared.
  • MP3 Recordings: Each call will be recorded so you can listen again and again to the divine wisdom and messages shared.

There are many people today seeking prosperity, health and happiness and there are good reasons for this. We are living in difficult times where fear is likely to become the number one cause of illness and there appears to be many things to fear–unemployment, war, terrorism, disease, and so on. Given that, I found Anne’s new book, Extreme Intuitive Makeover: 55 Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, to be a genuine breath of fresh air. Anne has brilliantly woven spirituality, science and practical exercises on her loom unfolding success strategies that will absolutely make a difference in your life! Highly recommended!

Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., NY Times Bestselling Author and radio show host of Provocative Enlightenment

I highly recommend Anne Deidre’s new book, Extreme Intuitive Makeover, to anyone on a path of personal growth. I was inspired by Anne’s insights. She speaks and writes about Truth of the highest order. Her 55 keys designed to assist you on your Life Path, along with some potent practical exercises are certain to bring you results. Don’t miss this opportunity to greatly enrich your life.

Peter Calhoun, Author of Life Without Limits (Amazon) and Soul on Fire (Hay House)

I met Anne last year fall for an intuitive reading and I was absolutely amazed by the experience. Her loving presence made it so easy to feel comfortable and safe with her. Her energy and chakra clearing brought powerful healing that penetrated my very being and life in a way I never expected to experience. She is now my Intuitive Coach. As my Intuitive Coach, Anne has helped me to feel so much better about myself and my own intuitive abilities. With the tools she provides she also helped me to take ownership of my own life. Having Anne as my intuitive coach has proven to be a powerful asset, especially when you need support in your spiritual journey. Anne genuinely and lovingly wants to help you. With all of her knowledge, insight, understanding and her powerful abilities you won’t be disappointed. She can help you bring back love and laughter into your life. I highly recommend her to everyone. Anne, you are truly amazing and a blessing to all. May you have many blessing to you and yours.

Sandy C., Fort Myers, FL

The insights that Anne channeled were nothing short of astounding, and the entire experience uplifting and heart opening. As strange as it sounds to me as I write it, I have found a new lightness in my being. Forgiveness – the place to begin to resolve so many of our self-induced limitations. I would recommend Anne to anyone wanting to clear their chakras and find new openness, understanding and peace.

Evelyn, Nashua, New Hampshire

I have worked with Anne for the past 2 1/2 years and have learned so much from her intuitive coaching & classes. She is a Master Teacher and extremely gifted in her Intuitive abilities. Anne brings an energetic support to your life that helps you to overcome limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns. She is able to envision you living your greatest dreams, and gives you the tools to help you reach those dreams! Anne is a pioneering Vibrationl Catalyst in this field of Energy & Vibrational Healing. I highly recommend her coaching or classes if you need that extra edge to help you create your Highest & Best life!

Heather P., Louisiana

Anne sets the foundation of important spiritual concepts at the soul level in her monthly coaching call. Invaluable and extremely powerful! She is completely committed to her work as a mystic and spiritual teacher. Learning does not end at the click of the phone. I love it that Anne provides more opportunities to spread my wings of knowing and to grow by offering an online group to support and provide greater tools of insight to the Divine realm. This group has been instrumental in allowing me to interact with Anne and others to see deeper into my soul and to provide me with endless opportunities to address hidden things that do not serve my highest good. Absolutely love it! Thank you Anne I see the light. Love you with all my heart and soul.

Laura, NJ

Sometimes we are blessed to be connected with one who genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Anne is that connection, that blessing, that encouragement, that gift in my life. Thank you, Anne, for accompanying me on my journey of awakening, liberation, and growth. You are a source of great encouragement and knowledge, always so willing to freely share what you intuitively and instinctively know, as well as lessons and experiences along your own journey. I have challenged and conquered restricting, non-productive beliefs and am so very much looking forward to what the future holds. It is an honor to work with you as I reach even higher pinnacles of growth, awakening, learning, and achievements.

Sue S., Chicago, IL

Working with Anne has given me the confidence to shed all the expectations and responsibilities I had taken on of others and given me insight, support and courage to be my true self. Her books are a wealth of encouragement for anyone feeling there is more to their life than what they are living!

Karen O., Missouri

Anne uses her intuition to raise my awareness about my past and future. She then provides the tools, guidance and encouragement to open me up to new ideas and how to implement them for success. She is TRULY gifted and helping me to be my best self!

Jenny D., Massachusetts

Working with Anne has helped me go beyond my boundaries, look at my talents and where my passion lies. She uses her intuition to light up the parts of me that have been in the shadows and are ready to come forward. Thank you Anne, I am so grateful to be working with you 🙂

Saskia C., Massachusetts

Anne is a knock-out soul reader and intuitive coach, I can’t recommend her highly enough, because I think she’s simply the best. I’ve known her for many years and have had the pleasure of watching her nurture and develop her talent and grow into a giant in her field. She’s the one I turn to when I need assistance, and because of her great gift and accuracy I decided to train with her myself. You will love working with her!

Jill Hendrickson

Since I started working with Anne, I have shifted & cleared out old limiting belief patterns that have kept me stuck for most of my life. I feel like the weights are now lifted off of my feet & I am ready to SOAR to new heights! I am eternally Grateful for all of the help, guidance and teachings that Anne has shared with me. She has equipped me with very effective energetic “tools” to use & share with others, to help them shift too! She is an amazing teacher and a huge inspiration in my life!

Heather P., Louisiana

I love watching Anne use her intuitive gifts to peel away her client’s layers of inner pain and illusion to find their inner light of joy and revelation. It is so beautiful as I can feel the emotional relief from her client’s heart. A truly blessed moment. Watching Anne’s show has enabled me to deeply reflect on my inner self and heal my hidden wounds. Thank you Anne! You are amazing!!

Laura J, Florida

Anne Deidre effectively engaged a shift in perception for me at a most basic level on an issue that has plagued me for years, even with my own healing abilities. I HIGHLY recommend Anne for any issue you may have.

Michelle J, New Hampshire

This is one class you won’t want to miss out on. I completed this class last year and it was AMAZING. My life has changed for the better and so has others because of it. Much love and thanks to you Anne for being so brilliant!!!

Luanna A, New Hampshire

Yesterday was my weekly session with Anne and we went through and cleared my chakras. It was totally amazing for me. The opening of my crown and feeling of euphoria was something I will NEVER forget. I highly recommend this!

Amanda M., California

The chakra clearing coaching method was very efficient to experience, learn and valid totally. I really recommend that training-certification with Anne Deidre. Anne is sharing an experienced intuitive gift, very special intuitive tool helping deprogramming obsolete memories of the past, clearing our chakras for joining their best happy powerful vibrations and learning how to use it in our own self intuitive coaching. As a professional coach for 20 years, I felt very blessed and happy to discover and practice with Anne Deidre in her Intuitive Coach training. Anne has a real open heart and mind, a beautiful lady.

Isabelle, France (Health coach, Master in Yoga, Intuitive Coach in High Pyrenees)

Anne’s Intuitive gifts along with her writing skill has drawn out of me new gifts, and given me voice through the written word. Anne is a true gift to the world.

Brenda Pearce, CEO E Factor Network

It was not until I was united with Anne Deidre by Divine providence that I was able to create the right ingredients to open my unique talents and gifts. Anne is amazing! With complete ease Anne was able to look into my soul and see my Divine purpose. With mystic grace, Anne then was able to open my channel to creativity and other hidden talents. What a WOW!! Let me say that again… WOW! Because to my surprise, I found out that I am talented intuitive photographer and writer. My whole life has changed in the most marvelous ways. My heart sings with love and joy. I now have inner peace, happiness and clarity. A gift that is priceless. At last! I am on the highway to Heaven and all my dreams are manifesting into reality now! Endless gratitude to you Anne! Your love and compassion and spiritual gifts have transformed my life forever. Love you with all my heart. All my dreams are coming true today!

Laura J, Florida

I am so delighted for the opportunity to be part of Anne's Inner Circle Chronicles book 5. Not even one month into the program, I have already felt such powerful shifts in my energy while listening to the 6 Steps for Creating Intuitive Wealth audios. The audios are incredible and profound. The content of these audios is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Anne provides amazing guidance for creating and visualizing a 6 figure and beyond business. Before I started the program, I just wasn't sure how to turn my gifts and talents into a business. Anne's program has helped me bring clarity and vision to my ideas and helped me intuitively create amazing ideas for a new business I will be launching soon. I am ecstatic about the remaining materials in this program and can't wait to expand and grow even more during the remaining 5 months!

Cheryl W.

Hi Anne, I just listened to your call. I laughed, I cried! You are so much fun! I just wanted to let you know that every word you said there resonated with me. Thank you so much for doing this work to share with those of us who are still trying to learn how to focus on the mantra while our kids are in the next room with all of their friends eating me out of house and home and stuffing their dirty socks between my couch cushions. xox

Jess B.

Anne is a truly gifted intuitive and heart-centered coach. Her ability to "energetically see" and "intuitively know" what her clients need most to help them manifest their authentic passion and purpose is unparalleled and unique. She is an angel on earth helping make dreams come true.

Dana S, California

I have met Anne Deidre about a year ago and I can tell you she has completely changed my life. With Anne's ability of being an Intuitive Life Coach, she has helped me find my hidden talents and strengths, which include being Psychic, very Intuitive and without Anne's guidance, I would of never have known that I am an Animal Communicator. When she talks to you, you know that she is in the present moment and listens to all of your questions and concerns, which was very important to me. I have taken Anne's Intuitive Life Makeover course, Angel Card Reading course and now I am in her Book 4 club. Anne has a huge heart and it shows and she was very supportive and gave me the confidence I needed in myself. I would highly recommend Anne as an Intuitive Life Coach. You will learn so much from her and also have fun at the same time.

Gina P.

Wow, I know Anne was good, I didn't know she was this good. Phenomenal readings, wonderful energy and clearings, listen to the replay yourself and be amazed at this gifted and talented teacher.

Shefali B., Global Summit Host

What a beautiful energy Anne is! Such a gem. Anne is such a perfect model for how to fully embody your talents and gifts and light up the world. She shares how, like so many of us, she went from “Dark night of the Soul” to finding the Voice of intuition inside and being led deeper and deeper into her gifts.

Sheldon P., Global Summit Host

WOW, wow wow!!!! It was SHOCKING how accurate Anne was with the audience. She simply ZEROED in on exactly where the block was. Amazing! And she read a special oracle card which is unique to this group ….don’t miss the powerful message from the Divine for YOU. The entire call is imprinted with POWERFUL energy frequency to clear blocks. "Back by popular demand....Anne's amazing energy clearings also created some massive frequency upgrades! She was one of the most popular speakers in June...find out why others reported amazing results from her clearings.

Eram Saeed, Global Telesummit Host

What is an Intuitive Life Makeover

As I shared previously, your Energetic Blueprint contains everything your Higher Self needs to know in order to evolve to its highest potential in this lifetime. It contains the unique gifts and talents you are here to share, access love and joy at its purest essence and a deep, trusting connection to the Divine. As with any energetic system when there is a ‘short’ in any part of the system it causes malfunction in the whole. For my visual friends, think of your Wealth Centers as the energetic systems that run in a straight line through your body from the Divine (Crown) to the Earth (Root). If there are blocks or ‘shorts’ in any of the your Wealth Centers it affects your entire Energetic Blueprint and you experience symptoms related to the Wealth Center associated with it.

An Intuitive Life Makeover is what occurs when I work you and go into each of your Wealth Centers to ‘see’ the blocks, traumas and false beliefs that have been sabotaging you from reaching your dreams or goals.

During that process I receive messages, images and/or phrases related to each of your Wealth Centers which empowers me to facilitate the realignment of your energetic center, release false beliefs and programming and integrate true beliefs in your Soul Contracts.

Imagine, as you come back into alignment with the truth of who you are you’ll discover that they symptoms you were experiencing have been replaced with higher vibrational energies, thought processes and manifestation of life experiences. An Intuitive Life Makeover will help you improve your relationships, career, help you find your calling and life purpose and can improve your health.

The Time is NOW to …

  • Heal, release and realign the spiritual and energetic blocks preventing you from experiencing true joy, happiness and abundance in your life
  • Reconnect with your own intuitive wisdom and power
  • Clarify your Divine life’s purpose and empower you to take action on that calling
  • Bring an end to the self-sabotaging beliefs and habits that you’ve been energetically carrying for many years
  • Live authentically – led by your soul’s Divine Self
  • Attract the loving, supportive relationship(s) that you desire and deserve
  • Learn how to tune into and trust your inner wisdom and take aligned action to achieve your dreams
  • Deepen your connection to your creativity and birth your projects to the world
  • Ready to open your heart fully and allow yourself to receive all the love, joy and abundance that your Source has waiting for you
  • Find forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Discover the deep inner peace within that you’ve been yearning for
  • A deeper, more powerful connection to your higher self that brings you a sense of lightness and joy

Time and time again, I’ve been blessed to witness miracles in my client’s lives after our work together to realign their Energetic Blueprint and clear the blocks within their Wealth Centers. As an Intuitive Vibrational Catalyst, think of me as your Sacred Guide who connects with your soul’s Divine Self, empowering me to share your soul’s Divine messages in order to facilitate your healing on an energetic level and reconnecting you to the truth of who you are.