Awaken Your Intuitive Power

Struggling to discover your life purpose?

Feeling disconnected from life – and yourself?

Attracting the same dysfunctional relationships time and time again?

Living in a constant state of anxiety and fear?

Intuitively know that life can be so much more – but not sure how?

What if I told you that you have access to all the answers you are seeking about love, life purpose, your divine gifts and so much more?

Like each of us on this human journey, most likely you too, have spent many years looking outside yourself for the answers you sought. As you do so, you take on layers of false beliefs, traumas and wounds that separate you from the truth of who you are and those layers act as an energetic block or veil that prevent you from accessing your Intuitive Power (inner wisdom).

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve spent years working on your personal development, most likely you’ve filled pages with affirmations, attended numerous workshops, read hundreds of books and possibly even created a vision board or two – but the change, if any, never seems to last. You continually find yourself in the same pattern or circumstances whether it is related to finances, relationships or self-worth.

Why? The answer is simple, yet powerful. Until you clear and heal the layers of energetic blocks on an energetic and spiritual level you cannot experience the manifestation of what you desire. Don’t get me wrong, all those tools can be powerful, but lasting change can only come from clearing the layers that are keeping you separate from your Truth.

You’ve found your way to this page because you’re ready to shift your energetic patterns, clear and heal your trauma and catalyze your dormant gifts and live from a place of lightness, joy and authenticity.

Within YOU are the sacred keys to health, wealth and happiness

That’s right – within each and every one of us – including YOU lie the answers to the questions you ask. The sacred keys to living a life of joy, passion and abundance are known as the chakras, which I refer to as your “Wealth Centers”. I began referring to the chakras as Wealth Centers after years of intuitively and energetically connecting with my clients, tuning into their chakras and discovering the wealth of sacred information that they held that allowed me to facilitate their healing.

In our 4 week journey together, I will work with you by connecting with your energy field I am able to ‘shine a light’ into each of your Wealth Center’s to illuminate your inner riches, gifts, talents, strengths and dormant life purpose and gifts. I am also able to see the blocks in each of your Wealth Centers caused by the layers of false beliefs, traumas and wounds you’ve been carrying.

It is these energetic blocks or false beliefs appearing in one or more Wealth Centers that are manifesting the results you are experiencing in your outer world. Depending on the Wealth Center(s) affected by the block you’ll find yourself continually struggling with same relationship, health, success, life purpose, or inner worth issues over and over again until you heal those blocks on the energetic level.

4 Week Intuitive Coaching Program


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Ready to Unlock Your Sacred Gifts?

You are being called to heal at the deepest level so that you can serve the world with your unique essence, gifts and sacred wisdom in a way that only you can. When you unlock the wisdom contained within your Wealth Centers you will discover powerful tools to access your intuition, purpose and inner well-being and will have awakened your Intuitive Power.

I invite you to join me for the transformational 4 week Awaken Your Intuitive Power coaching program which is customized to where YOU are on your journey and the specific energetic blockages YOU are experiencing.

During our four week journey together I will energetically tune into each of your chakras to uncover the blocks, traumas and false beliefs that are sabotaging you and keeping you from thriving in every area of your life. During that process I receive messages, images and/or phrases related to each of your Wealth Centers which empowers me to facilitate the realignment of your energy centers.

Your Awaken Your Intuitive Power coaching program includes four (4) 55 minute calls held weekly for four weeks. Depending on the messages received during a session you may receive ‘homework’ such as meditation, guided visualization, journal writing or other tool to assist in strengthening the clearing and healing work experienced in your session. Each call will be recorded so you can listen again and again to the divine wisdom and messages shared.

Shed the Layers of Energetic Blocks to Experience Miracles

Time and time again, I’ve been blessed to witness miracles in my client’s lives after our work together to clear the energetic blocks from their Wealth Centers. Think of me as your Sacred Guide who connects with your Higher Self, empowering me to share your soul’s messages in order to facilitate your healing on an energetic level and reconnecting you to the truth of who you are.

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