Your Intuitive Life Makeover Membership
Indigo Silver Monthly Call and Audio Program

232079593Indigo Silver membership level. Anne will channel the highest frequencies coming into the planet starting on the February monthly call and audio. She will channel the new frequencies each month and will be offering the Amethyst Gold and Iridescent Pearl levels in a few months. Launch this New Year with New Frequencies in the Indigo Silver Monthly Call and Audio Program.

Your Intuitive Life Makeover Membership will give you the tools each month with cutting edge information on the energies of the month and spiritual information to help you keep your vibration high and live the intuitive life.

As a Professional Intuitive Artist, Psychic Intuitive and Best Selling Author and Spiritual Book Publisher, the Indigo Silver Membership Level will offer you many tools and techniques to open your third eye and to connect you with your psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

You’ll receive a 90 minute monthly call with me helping to clear and activate your energy field including the upper chakras and lower chakras to help attune you to the Heaven on Earth frequencies coming into the planet all year. You will also receive a monthly audio channel with the most recent information from my Divine Guides which include Jesus, Buddha, the Pleiadians,  Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, and Spirit to name a few. I work with the entire realm of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. In this membership level you will also receive a surprise gift and bonus each month and access to the members only area.

A Message From Anne

This year and moving forward is pivotal on the planet as we all connect more fully with our inner Light, Divine Power and Wisdom. We each hold the key to unlocking more of our own spiritual energy and consciousness and helping shift the entire world into a higher vibration. We are the one’s we have been waiting for. It is my honor to be your Guide and Catalyst through this membership program. It is a blessing to connect and I look forward to being of Service and working with all of you in the highest light of love and miracles.

As an Indigo Silver member, each month you will receive:

  • A Live Telecall with Anne. On this 90 minute call, Anne will channel a group message and work with listeners energetically, facilitating Divine energy and frequency for the entire group and select members for readings, clearings and activations that will benefit the entire group. Anne will facilitate messages, readings and energy shifts for the group in this Live call. Each call will be recorded and sent to each member.
  • A Divinely channeled Audio as an Mp3 with diverse topics, such as  spiritual insight on the energy on the planet currently, energy clearing and activations, and tips, tools and techniques to deepen your intuitive gifts, abilities, knowing and perception. Each audio will be approx 15 minutes long and may contain a guided meditation and other beneficial spiritual tools to enhance your life and elevate your vibration.
  • Bonuses-Anne loves to make spiritual “work” fun expect miracles is her motto, so each month there will be an unexpected gift for you.

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Just $22/month


To get a good foundation, everyone will start in the Indigo Silver level. Some will move on to the Amethyst Gold level and some will move on to the Iridescent Pearl level.

Amethyst Gold Membership Level
With this membership you receive all of the benefits of the Indigo Silver Membership. You will also receive an additional group call each month with channelings from a different Archangel or Ascended Master, Goddess, Spirit Guide or a Higher Self and Divine Spirit channeling for the group and additional energy work on the call. You will also receive 20 percent off all half hour and one hour readings.

Launching Early Spring 2015

Exclusive Iridescent Pearl Membership Level
In addition to all benefits from Indigo Silver and Amethyst Gold, you will have exclusive access to specific upper chakra and etheric level chakra information, articles and audios and a live video webcast Q&A session with Anne to help integrate all of the energies coming into the planet each month to help you soar into Cosmic and Christ consciousness in 2015. You will receive 50 percent off all readings.

Launching Late 2015